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Abdul Qadaar (S.O.A.Q.)

& Hammurabi Bey

NewFlex Youth Programs Mentoring Males Attending weekly or bi-weekly mentoring sessions is encouraged among all program members and is required for participation in other social and sports programs. However mentoring is extended to all youth in the community, particularly ages 8-17.


  • To Identify the role of men in their relationship to women, using etymology (history of words and people) and the common senses of human biology (hearing, seeing, tasting, touch and smelling) coupled with love, peace, truth, freedom and justice as the formula to rebuild the human family, thereby reversing damages suffered in the earlier stages of maturing amongst participating young male.


  • To call upon community leaders and men to foster the need for role models in the lives of participating young male. ● The workshops will examine method of developing males in light of the common day bigotries and the lack of high expectations for them.
  • We will examine the natural order of the male in relationship to woman.
  • A thorough examination will be made with the youth into the high position of womanhood to develop the proper honoring of them among the young male
  • ● We seek to redefine the commonly misinterpreted expectations that some woman have by examining them and their onset throughout history ○ Examines the reeducation of the mothers (women) and there responsibility @ the earlier stage. 


The Doles Center and other programs as needed · Intervals: The workshops cycles are conducted Saturday mornings @ 10AM-12:30 · There is an interactive portion of the workshops where the males interact with men in the community · The men will foster relationships through various training using Electrical workshops, History lessons, Cultural Education, Self Esteem Development, and other training as willing role models avail themselves.  

Instructors/Youth Mentors:

Abdul Qadaar (914-879-0683) [email protected]

Hammurabi Bey (646-739-9938) [email protected]

Director & Program Manager

(questions pertaining to programming can be directed below)

Nesta Felix(718-954-0932), (914-363-5460) office [email protected]  

Home Repair & Maintenance Workshops

1month free!

Ages 10-14 free with once a month mentoring commitment with NewFlex Youth Programs

Ages 15-17 $20 monthly with once a month mentoring commitment

Ages 18+ $25 monthly with once a month volunteering commitment

with NewFlex Youth Programs

Workshops are 2 hr hands on/visual sessions with experience Contractors and Professionals.

Please complete registration below and submit payment by 2nd month of workshop.

For more information contact us @

914-595-4257-Nesta Felix

914-879-0683-Abdul Qadaar

914-943-7943-Hammurabi Bey